Meet Karen! She joins the team after several years in Colorado State University’s Athletic Department as an Executive Assistant to the Director of Athletics, working across communications, scheduling, contracts, development, marketing and more.

Q: Where are you from? 

I grew up in San Diego but have lived in Northern Colorado for the past 30+ years. 

Q: Could you provide us with a quick summary of your education and career path thus far?/ What is your connection to the sports industry and how you got into your career? 

I earned an Associates degree in Wyoming and transferred to Colorado State University where I ended up working for several years in the Department of Athletics as an executive assistant to the Director of Athletics. 

I was exposed to different aspects about running a multi-sport program.We had 16 mens and womens sports [at CSU]. There is overlap [in my work here] looking at scheduling, contracts, the public relations side, marketing, development, ticketing, the fanbase side, and how you engage your constituents. 

A lot of it is driven by success and here we will have success because every youth that experiences our facilities, it will be our mission just to provide a good experience. 

We were all children at one time and we remember our good experiences in any sport…for our kids coming [to] the complex that when they look back, they’ll say, ‘When I played at Future Legends…[it was a great experience].’

It’s a warm thought, as we go through the [development] now, that when they’re done with their tournament and they’re leaving, they’re happy.

Q: How did you get involved with Future Legends? 

With a life-long interest in sports in general, I followed the progress of the Complex’s construction until I was made aware of the opportunity to join the team. 

Q: Why is this project important to you personally? 

I want to ensure I’m doing all I can to contribute to the success of the project which will have a significant and positive impact on Northern Colorado.

From the people that I know personally who come from different walks of life and professions, they’re hearing of the project and their interest in it, I see it being a large economic driver of the area as well as shining and even brighter light on Northern Colorado.

Q: What excites you most about Future Legends? 

Providing a venue for multiple sports, pro competition, and special events and the great experiences that go with those. 

Just think of the statistics of our projected daily foot traffic and what that would do anywhere in this state, let alone Northern Colorado. It’s going to affect retail, travel, prep sports, golly you could just study that all day long; and that’s the goal isn’t it. It’s making an impact on the life of our youth. Who are frankly going to be coming from all parts of the country, shining a light on the gem that Colorado is. 

Q: Do you have a background growing up with sports? 

Primarily as a spectator [growing up watching Padres games] but I appreciate living in a state that hosts a variety of prep, collegiate, minor and major league sports. 

I was an active kid but our [activities entailed] beach volleyball and surfing; Southern California type stuff. I did drill team. That was probably the most physical.

Q: Who is your sports hero and why? 

I’ve admired Peyton Manning for several years, not only because of his obvious success but his reputation for game preparation, his integrity in words and deeds, and his humility as an athlete, individual, and family man. If you’re reading this Peyton, come on out and see Future Legends Complex!

There are so many people you could point to but I just picked him, from mostly an integrity side, not so much as popularity, all though he has a great sense of humor. Personally, in my horse showing, I have tried to look for a million resources on how he studies and just his methodology.. I’m no Tom Brady fan but I know he’s in the same vein. These are sports professionals and their preparation is so interesting.

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