Welcome to Future Legends, a state-of-the-art softball tournament venue located on over 100 acres near Windsor, Colorado. While there are a number of softball venues in the state, none of them compare to what we have to offer. Within our 118-acre campus, you’ll find fields and courts for many different sports plus hotels, restaurants, retail spaces, and dorms. Everything is within one space, so there’s no need for tournament organizers, participants, or guests to go anywhere. You deal with one person to set up all of your tournament needs, including marketing, so you won’t have to contact dozens of different individuals to arrange housing, transportation, advertising, or anything else. Everything you need for a softball tournament is in one place, whether that tournament is for a few local high schools or a major national championship. 

If you’re looking for a softball tournament complex in Colorado to host your next training camp or tournament, Future Legends offers everything you need. We take care of all of the details so you can organize your tournament and focus on the sport of softball.

What Will You Find at Future Legends?

For softball, Future Legends provides ten fields to play on, eight of which are outdoors and two of which are indoors. Whether your team is made up of young players just learning the sports, high school or college athletes competing for a trophy, or adults who love the sport, there’s plenty of space for everyone. In addition to these fields, we also have an indoor multi-purpose dome, ten turf fields, a miracle field, sixteen volleyball courts, and a professional multipurpose stadium. 

In addition to these fields and courts, we have two hotels, a dorm for tournament participants, several restaurants, and shopping outlets. You’ll find Wi-Fi throughout the complex as well. Our security staff is here to ensure that everyone has a good time without worrying about anything, and our concierge staff is ready to answer questions and assist you in any way possible.

softball player sliding into base

If you’re at Future Legends to organize a tournament, we provide a number of additional services that you won’t find at many other venues. You will have a staff member who will serve as the single point of contact for your organization team and for the softball teams you invite. This helps to streamline the process and ensures that you can talk to someone who has all of your information on hand at any given time. We will also assist you with advertising your tournament and can even help you create branded products and events to increase your tournament’s recognition. All of this ensures that you, the teams participating in your tournament, and all of the fans who come to watch them have a great time.

In addition to everything here at Future Legends, many of our guests also enjoy taking the time to explore Windsor. The town is known for its small-town charm and offers many activities, including golf, a museum, and several parks and hiking trails. The views are outstanding, and you’re sure to enjoy yourself. Don’t want to leave Future Legends? No problem—we’ve got everything you need right here.

A Safe and Secure Venue

One of the biggest issues coaches and team managers face, especially those who coach and manage children and school teams, is keeping track of all of your players and making certain that they’re safe at all times. Going between the hotel, the venue, restaurants, and other locations can be stressful. Here at Future Legends, we make certain all of our guests are safe at all times. Our security team uses CCTV in public areas and makes use of state-of-the-art technology to keep everyone protected. With everything on our complex, your players don’t need to leave Future Legends. If anything does happen on our campus, we will work with you to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. 

Booking Your Next Tournament with Us

softball player preparing to catch softball

If you’re ready to schedule a softball tournament with Future Legends, you can expect it to be a quick and easy process. We have done everything we can to ensure that everything is streamlined. You can book everything from a single field for a training camp to several fields to use for concurrent tournament play. Our team takes care of everything behind-the-scenes, including working with any invited teams to ensure that they have all of the tournament information, have the right accommodations booked, and know how to get to Future Legends. You don’t need to bring any equipment with you, either, if you don’t want to. We have a wide range of high-quality softball equipment on hand for our guests to use.

For teams coming to one of our tournaments, you’ll find everything is just as easy. We will help you book rooms and can assist with arranging transportation or providing directions to our complex. Regardless of your needs, if we can help take care of it, we will. We have even partnered with FundMyTeam to help softball teams receive the funding they need to purchase uniforms, equipment, and more. This organization is dedicated to helping teams of all sizes and will assist you through every step of the fundraising process. Reach out to them if you are in need of any financial assistance.

Our Tournaments

We host many different sports tournaments year-round, and many teams come to hold their spring and fall training camps here, too. Some of our tournaments are designed to be completed in a day or two, while others last a week and bring in teams from around the country. We also host our own tournaments here using the dorms we have on-campus.

softball team putting hands in on top of each other during a team huddle

These dorms are designed to host teams, and up to 14 players can stay in each dorm along with two coaches. We have 64 such rooms available, and during our dorm tournaments, these rooms are pitted against each other. By staying in our dorms, your team gets the chance to learn more about each other and prepare for their games. These dorm tournaments often bring in many teams, so you’ll want to reserve your spot in them as soon as you can. As with our other tournaments, we handle everything, including taking care of booking your room and providing team shirts for your players.

Lodging Options

What makes Future Legends unique from any other softball complex is that we offer several hotels on-site for you, your tournament staff, teams, and guests. Since the hotels are right here at Future Legends, you don’t need to worry about transportation to and from the venue every day. You also don’t need to worry about not being able to get rooms near each other or other logistical issues that may be a problem when booking hotels that aren’t located on the sports complex. Our hotels have 325 rooms, including different room options, Wi-Fi, and many of the same in-room amenities that you would find at any hotel.

Restaurants and Dining Options

At other locations, tournament staff and teams may have limited dining options. At the venue, all they may have available are snacks from the concession stand, and the hotel may only offer an expensive restaurant or pricy room service. That’s not true at Future Legends. While we do have concession stands and room service, we also have several restaurants that offer a wide variety of foods. We can even cater to those with special dietary needs and food allergies. Whether your team needs to eat a quick lunch between games or wants to celebrate with a special dinner at the end of the tournament, you’ll find options. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about finding the restaurant or getting back in time since everything is right here.

Shopping Options

Looking for souvenirs, t-shirts, or other retail options? We have a number of stores here on our campus that you, your team, and your fans can browse. These stores provide everything from mementos of your time at Future Legends to snacks and necessities you might have forgotten at home. You’ll find everything you need within a short walk from your hotel or dorm room.

Getting to Future Legends

Future Legends is located north of Denver near the town of Windsor. Our 118-acre complex sits not far from highway 257 and from highway 392. To get to us from Denver, all you need to do is take I-25N north to 392 and go east. If you’re flying in from Denver, it only takes about an hour to get to our complex. We can assist you with directions if you’re coming from other parts of the state or need exact directions from Denver. We have a large parking area that can accommodate buses and a large number of vehicles. 

Contact Us Today

If you’re looking for a youth sports complex to host your next softball tournament, we would love to talk to you. Future Legends may be the ideal place for your event. If you’re a team coach or manager, please reach out to us, too. We have a wide range of tournaments, both hosted by Future Legends and by others, that you may want to take part in. 

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