Future Legends provides a top-of-the-line volleyball tournament venue that sprawls across 118 acres of space. Our complex includes an indoor sports arena, multiple multi-purpose fields, outstanding amenities, and more on a secure, fully-enclosed campus. Volleyball tournament organizers, coaches, and teams will find everything they need at Future Legends. Whether a small tournament for high school teams local to Colorado or a national championship, we can provide everything necessary for your next volleyball event. 

With Future Legends, you don’t have to worry about handling any of the small details or making certain that the behind-the-scenes tasks are done. We streamline this process, so you can focus on what you love: the sport of volleyball. 

Multiple Amenities

In addition to our sixteen volleyball courts, indoor bubble sports arena, professional stadium, multi-purpose fields, and baseball diamonds, we offer many different amenities for our guests. These include different lodging options, a variety of dining options, shopping outlets, on-site Wi-Fi, security, and a dormitory for visiting teams. In short, we offer more than just another volleyball tournament complex in Colorado. We provide a one-stop location for everything your tournament may need. 

For tournament organizers, we do more than just book your tournament. You will have a designated point of contact who will help you with all of your tournament needs. You can book your rooms, work with our advertising team to promote your tournament, and even hold a branded event to get your name in front of as many people as possible. By partnering with hotels, retailers, restaurants, and more, we have ensured that we have everything a top-notch volleyball tournament will need. 

Stress-free Experience

When you book a tournament at Future Legends, you can expect a smooth experience from beginning to end. The process to book one of our volleyball courts, whether it’s for a training program or for a tournament, is simple. Our team will provide all of the support you need for a tournament, including coordinating with other teams to ensure that their logistical and lodging needs are taken care of. Your club will be accommodated with high quality facilities and equipment throughout your tournament experience.

If you’re coming to participate in a tournament, you’ll find that booking accommodations is quick and easy. We can even help you arrange transportation to our complex if you need it. We want to make certain your stay with us is problem-free, regardless of how long you’re visiting or how many times you’ve been here before.

tournament coordinator assisting clients

If funding is a concern, we encourage you to reach out to FundMyTeam. We have partnered with this organization to help ensure that every team, no matter how big or small, has access to equipment, uniforms, and everything else they need to enjoy sports. Contact them today to learn more about how FundMyTeam can help you.

Comfortable Lodging Options

One of the most challenging aspects of taking your team to a tournament that is more than a few hours from your location is lodging. While there may be several hotels near the venue, these hotels are often fully booked between tourists, tournament officials, and teams. You may not be able to find enough rooms for your team unless you stay further than convenient from the venue. This, then, presents the additional issue of coordinating transportation to and from the tournament on a daily basis.

Future Legends eliminates these issues by offering two types of lodging. We have two nationally-flagged hotels located right here on our campus. These hotels provide lodging for all of our guests, including teams, coaches, tournament organizers, and fans. In addition to 260 available rooms, these accommodations also include restaurants, suites, and free Wi-Fi for guests. 

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To ensure that all volleyball tournament participants at our complex have a room, we also provide a 64-team dormitory on-site. For players only, these dorms help free up space in hotels, include many amenities, and give players the opportunity to meet other teams from the tournament in a safe and fun atmosphere. These aren’t the cramped college dorms that you may be thinking of—this is a state-of-the-art housing facility that rivals many top hotels. Each dorm room can accommodate up to 14 players and two coaches, so there is plenty of space even during large tournaments or when we host multiple tournaments at the same time. Staying in dorms gives players another opportunity to bond, talk strategy, and relax together before a game.

Delicious Dining

Everyone gets hungry, whether they’re watching the games or playing in them. While the tasty snacks we offer at our concession stands are great to enjoy during the game, you want your players to eat healthy meals, too. We recognize that any great volleyball tournament complex needs to offer a variety of dining options, so we are partnering with several great restaurants to provide a number of choices for our guests. You’ll find everything from quick meals to relaxing dine-in options. 

Our restaurants provide many meal options for those with specific allergens and other needs. If you or any of your players have dietary restrictions, please let us know. We do our best to provide a variety of healthy meals to everyone. 

Convenient Retail

In addition to dining options, we also have retail outlets here at our volleyball tournament venue. Your fans, teams, and players can find the perfect souvenirs to remind them of the fun they had playing volleyball at Future Legends. Whether it’s clothing, a small trinket, or snacks for the road, our retail partners offer it all at reasonable prices. Best of all, since they’re located on our complex, your guests and players won’t have to arrange transportation into town or worry about getting back in time for their next game. 

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State-of-the-Art Security

We know security is important to you. You want to know that your teams are safe when they’re here. We make use of the most up-to-date security technology to ensure that our complex and every guest on it is protected. This includes hiring professional security guards, making use of CCTV where appropriate, and controlling access to our entire campus. By offering lodging, meals, and other amenities, you may never need to leave the Future Legends youth sports complex, which helps protect your team. If there ever is a concern, we will handle it with the utmost care and discretion.

Tournament Options

We can host a number of different tournaments. Local Colorado teams may visit our complex to play in one of the local or regional volleyball tournaments held here at Future Legends. Because of our four-acre bubble dome, we’re able to host these tournaments year-round. Some are short, one-day or weekend events, while others are week-long contests involving more teams. 

We also offer dorm-style tournaments. For these tournaments, teams are invited to stay in our dorms for a weekend or longer, depending on the length of the tournament. The different teams face off against each other to determine who is the best. Tournaments normally fill up very quickly, so coaches are encouraged to sign up for them as early as possible. Each team’s needs, including apparel sizing, room preferences, and everything else, is handled by one of our professional staff members. 

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Nearby Location

Future Legends sits on 118 acres in Windsor, Colorado, which is located less than an hour north of Denver. To accommodate as many players and guests as possible, we offer a number of parking options. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll find yourself charmed by the small-town feel of Windsor itself. This small city offers nature trails, parks, art, a museum, a golf course, and other local sight-seeing attractions. The view of the mountains offered from Windsor is worth the trip alone!

Guests coming in on flights will land at the Denver International Airport. From there, you can easily reach our complex via an approximately one hour drive up US-85 or I-25N. It’s a straight shot from the airport to us and our shuttle service partner can eliminate that stop at the rental car service. We’re very easy to find. If you have any questions about getting here or need directions from a specific area of Colorado, we’re happy to help. 

If Future Legends sounds like the perfect tournament destination, contact us today to book your lodging and to learn more about what we offer. If you’re an event organizer, we would love to talk to you to schedule a volleyball tournament here at Future Legends.

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