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What is a Dorm Style Youth Tournament?

Let us paint a picture for you. Your 10-year-old just joined the local all-star travel team in his/her respective sport and wants to travel. Now almost a year in advance you have to find the right tournament for the club the following year, book hotels, book flights, plan your itinerary, and gather funds. You look at the tournament logistics and realize that the entry fee only includes the teams participating in the tournament and now you and the rest of the parent/coaches/guardians have to plan the rest of the trip yourselves, figuring out what hotel you have to stay in due to the tournaments location, how many hotel rooms the players need, what airport to fly into, etc. Wouldn’t it be easier for the tournament fee to include the lodging for the players so all you have to worry about is your own room which is on-site? Future Legends has the solution to this and adds much more to the table.

Stay and Play Model

The current Stay-and Play model in youth sports gives parents either the obligation or strong recommendation to book the hotel rooms for the tournament based on what the tournament committee provides. This leaves the parents/coaches/guardians with higher costs, less flexibility, and fewer choices, adding to the reasons why Stay-and-Play tournaments continue to be one of the most logistically difficult topics in youth sports. The main concern regarding this model is that parents believe they are forced to pay high rates at hotels they don’t necessarily want to stay in. Plus, they have to find rooms for their children in the tournament and hope there are enough rooms for everyone involved in close proximity to the games. This somewhat traditional model has its flaws, and Future Legends Complex plans to rectify these issues by implementing a first-of-its-kind innovative and convenient model with dorm-style housing and on-site hotels, truly creating a one of a kind experience. Future Legends is different because kids and families will want to stay on-site due to the prime location, enhanced experience, entertainment, and convenience that make our national tournaments and events so coveted.


A major flaw of the traditional stay-and-play model is that at a certain capacity, tournament organizers turn to overflow housing. This overflow housing is often at a great distance from the facilities and eliminated the convenience that the model preaches. At Future Legends Complex, a tournament that is dorm-style will ensure that every athlete registered for the tournament gets the chance to experience living in the dorms with provided parents the best choice of hotel for them, whether on our complex or nearby. Future Legends’ model has multiple national flagship hotels on-site, giving parents the ability to make decisions without pressure from the tournament. “[The Parents] get to stay in hotels on site. The hotels are literally a hundred yards away from the dorms” says CEO of Future Legends Jeff Katofsky. “While the kids are in a safe, secluded dormitory, the parents are close enough where they don’t have to be concerned, but they get a little bit of a vacation!” The dorms are located in the middle of the facility. This gives the athletes the chance to bond with both their team and athletes on opposing teams while still within walking distance from their parents or guardians. This offers both a safe and convenient experience for the whole family.


The traditional stay-and-play model doesn’t offer the enhanced experience that both the participants and parents deserve. At Future Legends Complex, staying on the complex offers far more than included housing. Athletes have the opportunity to eat team meals at on-site restaurants, participate in team and activities, and attend professional games with their friends. “Future Legends is different because it’s a true stay and play, and the only one with professional sports on site. I think it’s important for kids to participate and play, then to see someone who has really dedicated their life towards it. You can see a professional athlete, but once you meet them, you can connect the dots to the dream,” says Ryan Spilborghs, Co-Founder, and former MLB Athlete Youth players are seeing the culmination of hard work and gain even more motivation to be the best athlete that they can be. Not only are the athletes having once-in-a-lifetime experiences, but they are doing so with kids from all over the country, from all different backgrounds. These experiences are vital for youth development and take the tournament experience to the next level.

Future Legend Campus


Future Legends Complex is truly a one-stop shop that makes a stressful process seamless. Parents don’t need to do research where to stay because of the included dorm-style arrangement and the state-of-the-art hotels on the campus. Once you arrive at the facility, everything you need is at your fingertips. The chaos that characterizes a lot of tournaments is eliminated. You never even need to get in your car, giving families more time together and with others. Being less than an hour from Denver International Airport, one of the most popular airports in the US, from anywhere in the country, even the world, and Future Legends has positioned itself to be easily accessed from anywhere in the country!

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Contributors- Ali Cianciulli, Casey Katofsky

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