Layman Lewis Financial Group is the Official Pickleball Partner of the Complex.

Since 1984, Layman Lewis Financial Group has been “helping Coloradoans retire with confidence.” Co-Founders, Josh and Alicia Lewis share a passion for investing into their clients, their families, and their community. The family-owned financial group operates with a proven five-step approach called the PEACE PROCESS®, which helps create a plan for their clients to ensure a comfortable retirement.
Through this partnership, Layman Lewis Financial Group acquired naming rights to the Outdoor Pickleball Arena, which includes 12 game courts and 4 championship courts. This will be officially titled “Layman Lewis Pickleball Arena”. Additionally, they are the Indoor Pickleball Club Title Sponsor.
“Layman Lewis is a terrific partner that cares about this community in truly an authentic way,” says Casey Katofsky, Executive Director of Operations at Future Legends. “Bringing Pickleball to Future Legends is extremely exciting and we look forward to Layman Lewis joining us for some incredible events for years to come.”